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Rena’s House, Simtat Beit HaBad 3, Tel Aviv‎
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Address: Simtat Beit Habad 3, Tel Aviv

(The street is a small “L”- shaped alley that can be entered across from 23 Herzl St)


Transportation from the airport

Taxi: The easiest way to arrive is by taxi. There are two official taxi stations at the airports (we do not recommend going with individual drivers); (1) just outside the arrivals hall at the airport. (2) on the second floor, take the escalator up one floor. The second floor option is cheaper. The cost differs upon seasons, but is approx. 180 -250 ILS, depending on the number of luggage and time/day (on the Sabbath it costs more).  You could also order yourself one with the Gett app. 

Train:  The train runs twice an hour 24h/day but does not operate Friday and Saturday. There are often changes in the schedule, especially for night hours so it is best to check the schedule on the day of.   It is one stop from the airport to the Hahagana Station; you could then either (1) walk over – it’s a 25 min walk, (2) take a 5-min taxi drive (approx. 50 ils), or (3) take a bus (lines 16/104/204/304/236) to the Allenby/Lilenblum stop and then you’ll have a 5-min walk.

Bus: There is a bus, #445, from Gate 01. It runs once an hour 24h, except Friday from 5pm until Saturday at 9pm. You get off at the Yehuda Halevi/Nahalat Binyamin stop and then walk over a few minutes. 


From 9am – 6pm (Sunday – Thursday) our street is open for dropping off luggage.  From 6 pm our street closes and becomes a pedestrian walkway. Fridays and Saturdays the street is closed. You can park in a parking lot; the closest one is at the corner of Herzl/Rothschild; others are at 53 Herzl, Pines 41, and the “Tachana” parking lot. Or, in the neighbouring streets where the curb is marked blue/white (must pay attention to the sign details regarding times and if it’s the residence-only side). Payment is done through either one of the apps: PANGO or CELL-O-PARK.

Getting around: 

(1) To take the bus, you will need to purchase a bus pass and load money onto it. The bus pass is called, “Rav- Kav”, and it could be purchased at any bus or train station, as well as the local tourist offices. 

(2) Taxis on the street will usually ask for cash and offer you a fixed price. However, they are obligated by law to put on the meter (which is called “mo-neh” in Hebrew) if you so choose. The most commonly used taxi app here is called, “Gett”. You could load your credit card info, and use it to book taxis anywhere in Israel.

(3) Service Taxis – small shared minivan taxis that go from city to city (also during the Sabbath), as well as inner city routes. You pay them cash and they cost the same as busses. In Hebrew they are called, “monit sherut”.

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