Love in the Sands

Get ready to fall in love with “Love in the Sands,” a stunning exhibition by Marganit Nitzan Erez, a gifted sand sculptor, and photographer.

Marganit Erez Sand Sculptures מרגנית ארז פיסול בחול

Her work is a celebration of love in all its forms, from the love between people to the love between humans and their environment, and their divine. Through her art, she invites us to let go of our worries and embrace the present moment with a sense of innocence and curiosity.Join us on June 8th at 19:00 for the grand opening of the exhibition, where you’ll get to experience live performances by Marganit and the talented dancer Shani Braitner Meltzer. Plus, enjoy some delicious refreshments while you’re here! Don’t miss out on the chance to see these beautiful sand sculptures in person.Experience the exquisite beauty of ‘Love in the Sands’ by joining us at the exhibition. Allow yourself to be transported into a world of love and wonder created by the talented sand sculptor, Marganit Nitzan Erez. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to marvel at her masterful sculptures and feel the power of love in all its forms.The exhibition will be on display at Rena’s House from the 12th of May until July 31st, 2023, and is open to visitors during our regular business hours.

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