Exhibition ● Ceremony ● PerformanceA temporary temple from the ‘Nature Reserve’ project.
A topical view of a layered and unimaginable reality is brought to the hotel areas. The exhibits were taken from a participatory creation laboratory, which took place in the Dead Sea, on the longest and darkest night of the year. Stacked layers go through a journey of exposure and then collection, processing, and sanctification. In body, earth, and spirit. From the close encounter with the sinkholes, the ground opens, destabilizing, asking for deepening. For a limited time, you can rest on the bottom of the moment that envelops a secret, let go and meet the personal pulse beating in the core of the earth. We meet to look closely, diagnose, edit, ponder, define, dream, and touch the layered accumulation of our human nature.

‘Nature Reserve’ team:
Creation and lead: Iris Nais
Production: Noam Gazit
Photography and editing: Omer Messinger
Music: Ariel Leykin
Co-creators: Noa Israelii, Xalyah Rosenthal, Moran Zilberberg, Dganit Bar-am, David Malka, Keren Eren, Ilush Mermelstein, Judy Adini, Shmuel Yeshurun.

Words from the heart of our earth –
Sodom’s lagoon shrank and became the Lisan lake, which shrank and became today’s Dead Sea. The images brought to the exhibition are also reduced to frames, divided into rooms, and within tight boundaries. We can meet the infinite through imagination and the wisdom of the heart. 
We asked to forget in order to remember, to meet and part again. Known forms reexamined. A garden of Eden was revealed in all the mud that pulled us deep, burning, salty, painful, and beautiful.  

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